Sky News Milkmaid Movie overview

Sky News speaks to Desmond Ovbiagele, director of Nigerian film The Milkmaid, about the victims of insurgency in Africa.

In the opening minutes of The Milkmaid, the joyous occasion of a wedding in a west African village turns into something unimaginable as terrorists attack.

People try to flee, some are shot down, some slaughtered with machetes; a baby stares out over a mother's lifeless body.

This film is the story of the women who escape these attacks with their lives, but pay the price. Taken from their homes, their loved ones, they face beatings, rapes, death, even indoctrination into a life of extremism themselves.

The film is directed by Desmond Ovbiagele, who says he wanted to put human stories ahead of statistics

While The Milkmaid's central characters, sisters Aisha (Anthonieta Kalunta) and Zainab (Maryam Booth), are fictional, their stories are all too real.