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About Danono

Danono Media was founded in 2018 by Desmond Ovbiagele and Seun Sowemimo with a mission to produce artistically compelling and socially relevant entertainment content. Operating out of both West Africa and the United States, Danono seeks to originate thematically challenging but commercially viable projects that carry the potential to resonate with diverse audiences by appealing to the eternal values, desires, and shared experiences of the human spirit.

Driven by the philosophy that the highest form of creativity is accessed through the quest for truth, Danono is focused on creating artistic expressions of true originality primarily in the production of feature films, television and music.

Danono Media recently completed its debut project – a Hausa language feature film entitled The Milkmaid. Set in rural Sub-Saharan Africa and inspired by the iconic image of the two Fulani milkmaids depicted on the back of the Nigerian ten naira note, The Milkmaid is a creative imagining of the fate of two peasant sisters caught up in the upheaval of militant insurgency that pervades a section of the sub region. The film juxtaposes the color and elegance of rural Hausa/Fulani culture against a graphic and visceral portrayal of the harrowing ordeal of conflict victims and the personal and societal implications of the resulting psychological trauma.

The Milkmaid is scheduled for release in 2020.

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